Beesure Motion Sensor Pet Friendly
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Beesure Motion Sensor Pet Friendly

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Beesure Motion Sensor Pet Friendly

BEE-MS is a wire-free pet-friendly passive infrared motion sensor with high accuracy to detect the motion within an assigned monitored area. The motion sensor will ignore a pet that weighs up to approximately 25 kg to prevent false alarms. Whenever a larger motion (25kg and above) is detected, you will immediately receive an alarm notification on your mobile phone. You can remotely set up your motion sensor from the BeeSecure App (BEE-HUB is required).



BEE-MS will ignore any motions generated by objects <25 kg, for example, kids or domestic pets.



When someone tries to violently disassemble the motion sensory with the base to prevent triggering a notification. The motion sensor will notify you immediately.


App Control
Receive alarm notification, and invite others to co-manage your motion sensor from the App.

Battery Life & Reminder

You will receive a notification when the battery runs down below 20%.


The motion sensor can work with other BeeSecure smart devices, You can define your automation rules among the devices.



• DC 3V (1xCR123a), included in the package
• Pet Friendly Level: <=25kg
• Detection distance: 12 meters (when mounted at 2
meters above ground)
• Detection Angle: 90 degree (-45 ~ 45 degree)
• Anti-Tamper Alarm
• Alarming: LED flash + Mobile notification
• Suggested Mounting Height: 2 meters
• Low battery Reminder
• Unlimited History Event
• BEE-HUB is required, purchase separately
• Full Remote Control
• ZigBee