Xiaomi Jordan & Judy Auto Soap Dispenser Auto Hand Wash Dispenser Refillable Bottle
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Xiaomi Jordan & Judy Auto Soap Dispenser Auto Hand Wash Dispenser Refillable Bottle

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Xiaomi Jordan & Judy Auto Foaming Dispenser 






*The bottle can be refilled after finishing using the original hand wash, it is compatible with most hand wash on the market.



Brand: Jordan & Judy (Xiaomi ecosystem company)

Product Model: VC050

Product Material: Machine Body: ABS+PC, Bottle: PET

Product Weight: 520g

Product Size: 105 * 72 * 190mm

Input: DC 5V = 1A

Rated Power: 5W


Package included:


1* Hand Washer, incl. Liquid

1* Type-c Charging Cable



Usage method:


  1. Touch the switch button to turn on the hand washer.


  1. It is recommended to wash hands first until they are wet. Reaching to the induction area, you can get rich foam.


  1. Evenly spread the foam to your hands, rub it thoroughly, rinse with clean water and dry your hands.




  1. It is recommended to fully charge before the hand sanitizer installation.


  1. Open the silica gel plug, connect the type-C charging line to the charging port, connect the power supply, and when the white indicator light is always on, it will be fully charged.


  1. When the hand washer is not working, it will automatically enter the standby mode, and it is not necessary to turn off it manually. Use again to reach the sensing area, and start bubbling immediately.


  1. The first time you use this product, you may need to use the product several times to drain the air in the inner tube to get the foam.




Touch key │ sensitive sensing │ charging design


-Touch switch design, built-in infrared sensor, when reaching the sensing area, it only takes 0.25 seconds to foam easily, and it is responsive, making hand washing more interesting.

-The first touch is activated, the top indicator lights up, and the foam machine is in working state.

-20° nozzle depression angle, accords with the natural stretch state, the foam does not touch the fuselage.

-Low noise performance is stable, noise is lower than 75db, low power consumption is quieter.

-The battery capacity is 2000mAh.