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About us: A Philosophical Reflection

Living in the world, everyone inevitably encounters these three philophical questions, who are you? What are you pursuing? Where are you going in the end? These are same questions we ask to ourself, even you did not open this page! Usually, reading the "About us" section is not exciting enough, it is no more than a normal routine in online shopping . However, we invite you to spend 1-2 minutes reading our unique "About us" section.

Who we are?

First philosophicial question, who we are? We are Aligo, the U.K. and Nethelands distributor of Xiaomi, Xiaomi Ecosystem and Xiaomi Youpin products. We are proud to say we have the most comprehensive products of Xiaomi products family. But we are more than this. We are the game changer of market. We aim at providing a better shopping experience of Xiaomi products for you and avoid the hassle you may have before. This moves us to the second philosophical question, what are we pursuing?

What are we pursuing?

Visited Gearbest or similar websits before clicking us? Why buy from us not from Gearbest? We know this is the question you are eager to ask! Our answer is simply, because we are local supplier. Yes, it is time to say goodbye to shipping from China. Don't underestimate this point, because it gives us the biggest advantage of providing you with COMPETITIVE price, SPEEDY delivery and EXCELLENT customer service. Currently, most of the Xiaomi distributors have their warehouse in CHINA, so when you buy from them, you usually have to wait a few weeks time for the product to arrive and suffer a higher risk of losing your parcel than domestic shipping. What is worse, you will find it difficult to claim any repair service as they will ask you to send the item back to China. This situation must be changed! Therefore, we will give you THREE promise for shopping with us. From here, you will find the most comprehensive Xiaomi products, not just a single category, like electric scooters; From here, you will find the best value of money on market, a combination of competive price and 2 working days delivery to your hands. From here, you will enjoy a complusory warranty service without sending the products to thousand miles away.

Where are we going?

Last philosophical question, where are we going?The first decade of 21 century has passed and we have seen and experienced how technology changes our life. Tesla revolutionise the car industry. Steve Jobs began a new history of smart phone. High-speed rail changes our conception of time and location. Now 2020 has come, what can we expect in the next decade? 5G? Auto driving? There are too many possibilities! Our vision is that we will open a smarter and greener world to you. Riding electric scooter will greatly shorten your journey between home and work place and reduce your carbon footprints at the same time. It will inevitably become a mainstream of our everyday life. Controling all your home appliances through your mobile app is no longer a dream. Robot vacuum cleaner may do a better cleaning job than housewife and possibly liberate more labour of the housewife! As a result, we may possibily see more female leaders in the world! Nothing is impossible! So follow us and we will travel alone with you to embrace a brighter future.

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