Beesecure BEE-OMS Object Movement Sensor
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Beesecure BEE-OMS Object Movement Sensor

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Beesecure BEE-OMS Object Movement Sensor

BEE-OMS Object Movement Sensor detects the movement and vibration of
objects. Whenever a movement or vibration occurs, BEE-OMS will trigger an
alarm and a notification will be sent through the BeeSecure app on the status
of the object. BEE-OMS can be used on any valuable object, e.g. safe, glass
window, desktop, drawer, etc.… to detect the status of the object. BEE-OMS
is equipped with 3 customizable sensitivity levels to prevent false alarm by
pets or kids.

Lightweight and compact. Easy to assemble. Simply stick the sensor on the valuable objects, e.g. safe, laptop, drawer or add extra security by sticking it to a glass window together with BEEDWS Door/Window Sensor.

Full Remote Control
Rename the device, activate/deactivate the sensor alarm remotely from the App. You can even set a schedule to arm/disarm the device automatically. For example, from 9 am-6 pm on weekdays.

Low Battery Reminder
A low battery warning will be sent to your mobile phone when
the sensor battery is less than 20%.

Live Trails
Unlimited movement status history events. You can easily view if your objects or windows have been moved on the BeeSecure App. You can also download the historical events and share it with anyone you want.

The Bee-OMS Sensor can connect to the BeeSecure Integrated solution with other sensors, smart locks, alarm and CCTV which can be controlled via the BeeSecure App.

3 Sensitivity Levels
3 customized sensitivity levels with low-medium-high to prevent
false alarms triggered by pets or kids


• The smart sensor set to detect movement and vibration of objects
• Ideal to be placed on valuable objects. E.g. safe, drawers or on window together with Bee-DWS to detect if someone breaks the glass window
• BeeSecure BEE-HUB is required to enable the OMS sensor to send notifications to your smartphone.
• Measurement: 59*29*15mm;
• Operating Environment: temperature: -10~50°C; humidity: 10%~90%, no condensation
• Working Range from Hub: up to 20 meters
• Battery: 3V Button battery (CR2032)
• 3 customized levels of sensitivity
• 30 seconds interval between every alarm to avoid continuous repetitive notifications
• Working Protocol: Zigbee